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Consultation fees are currently being reviewed.  

New patients please request a 40-60 minute "meet and greet" for hypnosis/therapy for assessment if you and Dr Linh Doan is a "good fit" to begin treatment.  Suitable clients are willing to talk to some degree about their problem and goals within a safe environment.   Most people find hypnosis relaxing and empowering.  A hypnotherapist will aim to identify what obstacles your subconscious views as "difficult" to rewrite or reframe any unhelpful beliefs.  Most people find that their sense of wellbeing and more conscious actions arise when they take a more "loving" approach to themselves. 


The body uses "subconscious blocks" to protect people's nervous systems from distress particularly with past traumatic experiences which are all too common. I find that "normal" everyday traumas often go unrecognised and conscious understanding of these can be helpful to establish safe environment for deeper subconscious hypnosis work. Whilst it is not necessary to revisit traumatic memory, working with the meaning and impact of trauma in the present can be useful particularly if past therapies have not been effective.

How much does hypnotherapy session cost_


**please note change of LOCATION we have moved to Colonel Light Medical Centre with EFTPOS facility

General Information for Patients and Referrers

*Full payment is required on the day however Medicare Rebates may apply and if you have registered with Medicare for direct account deposit this is often processed swiftly.  Private Health funds do not generally cover Hypnosis/Therapy provided by General Practitioners 

**please note we are updating our fee schedule ** and the documents below will have changed by the time we reopen.   Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates 

Separate schedules apply (see below) for

1. Hypnosis/Therapy (without Mental Health Care Plan).  Mental Health Care Plans may entitle patients to obtain rebates that are more generous ~$27 if eligible and these can be arranged with your usual doctor and brought to your first appointment with Dr Linh Doan.

2. General Medical Consultation Guide


Please note Dr Linh Tam Doan does not routinely conduct home visits.  Where exceptional circumstances apply, the following fee-schedule applies for Home Visits and Consultations at Residential Aged Care Facilities during normal business hours.


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